Well, I can tell you who it wasn’t.  It wasn’t the American people.  Every word out of the mouths of both candidates was a disgusting, out-right lie.

Trump isn’t going to build a wall and Mexico would not pay for it if he did.  Fact; more Mexican are leaving the country than entering.  The increase immigration is from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua: countries plagued by drug wars because American will not legalize cocaine and marijuana.

Trump used illegal aliens to build his Trump tower in NYC then didn’t pay them the cheap wages they were due. Fought them in court for 20 years until they gave up.

Jobs leaving America.  Definitely, it’s been happening for 20 years.  Other countries (not China where labor is far too expensive) but Malaysia, Vietnam, Lagos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia.  Is Trump going to somehow make American goods cheaper than they can be made in those countries?  Manufacturing makes up only 16% of the economy.

The only way Trump could bring back manufacturing jobs would be to lower wages to $1.50 per hour.  Don’t put that past him if he is elected.

The good jobs are in service, finance and technology…if our government would subsidize college education.

Trump would lower corporate taxes and taxes for the wealthy, adding another 20 trillion dollars to the national debt.

Hillary lies about everything.  If she is elected, it will be business as usual for the corporations, bankers and military industrial complex.

You can tell when she is lying: her lips are moving.

Is this really the best we can do?  Two sociopaths, liars, scum bags.


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