In Donald Trump’s world, everyone thinks and acts like him: people lie, cheat, exaggerate, break contracts, take advantage of others.  You say that’s crazy?  Well, it’s always worked for him.  There are no good deals unless they were made by him.  There are no deals that can’t be broken when there is an average to do so.  There is no, “Win, Win” in Donald’s world.  There can only be a winner and a loser.  He does not understand global trade or peace negotiations or humanitarian causes, or the future impact on people and the environment of pacts made today.  In fact, he doesn’t care one iota about people and the environment; they are not even part of any equation he uses to determine worth.


Donald has lied and cheated his way through life.  He stands on the bodies of those he has crippled with his business and personal dealings.  Banks he has defrauded, workers he never paid, contractors he defaulted on, projects that went bankrupt before they were even finished being built but kept all the investor money anyway.


Donald is the lowest form of scum that has ever oozed out of the ugliest, deepest sewer in the world.  He is a pox on humanity, a low-life, degenerate, inhuman, evil bastard that will rot in hell…let’s just hope that happens before he forever ruins the reputation and status of our country.


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