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“The Wizards of OZ” is a work of fiction. However, every character in the book is based on a real person. Every occurrence is based on an actual happening. All the language, though vile is based on the language used by those individuals
The humor and sarcasm are only meant to draw you into a true and traitorous reality: a political system that feeds on power and greed and money.
As you read on, you will be horrified by the people and events that pervade our supposed democracy.
It’s all right to laugh at what our political leaders have done and our doing, but don’t lose sight of the fact that this is all true and is a wake up call to every citizen of the U.S. to get involved in changing the system.

* * *

For decades the country has been run by a cabal operating behind the scenes. Yet people still believe that politicians and elected officials are independent, honest and looking out for the welfare of its citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Governors, congressmen, senators – all the way up to presidents – do the bidding of a corporate / military / banking / transnational company-elite that is, in turned directed by past and present members of the IMF, CIA, World bank, EU Ministers, NATO, Ambassadors and the Trilateral commission.
The book ends with a way out. A way to vote in a new system of government. This is far more than humorous tale; it is a wake up call for change. If you think that voting for ANY Democratic or Republican candidate is going to change anything, then you are living in a fantasy world.
It’s not too late to change the course of events that those in power have laid out. But time and opportunity are running out.

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